Cheap flights from Lima, Peru (LIM)

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Cheap flights from Lima, Peru (LIM) 1

Cheap flights from Lima, Peru (LIM)

Flight deals from Lima, Peru to most popular destinations in the world.
Cheap flights from Lima (LIM):

Flight Deals from Lima

DestinationDeparture atReturn atStopsDistanceFind tickets
Cuzco5 Jun 20248 Jun 2024Direct584 kmTickets from 50
Arequipa12 Mar 202415 Mar 2024Direct766 kmTickets from 98
Tarapoto25 Mar 202428 Mar 2024Direct617 kmTickets from 109
Iquitos15 Mar 202417 Mar 2024Direct1006 kmTickets from 117
Tacna8 Mar 202413 Mar 2024Direct994 kmTickets from 138
Santiago21 Mar 202424 Mar 2024Direct2462 kmTickets from 172
Sao Paulo1 Mar 20247 Mar 20241 Stop3472 kmTickets from 299
Buenos Aires3 May 20246 May 20241 Stop3137 kmTickets from 315
Bogota5 Mar 20248 Mar 2024Direct1887 kmTickets from 353
La Paz3 Mar 20245 Mar 20241 Stop1083 kmTickets from 358
Montevideo5 Mar 20248 Mar 20241 Stop3310 kmTickets from 364
Rio De Janeiro3 May 20246 May 20241 Stop3776 kmTickets from 390
Santa Marta5 Mar 20248 Mar 20241 Stop2592 kmTickets from 424
San Jose3 May 20246 May 20241 Stop2570 kmTickets from 437
Guayaquil3 Mar 20247 Mar 20241 Stop1139 kmTickets from 448
Quito5 Mar 20248 Mar 20241 Stop1329 kmTickets from 457
Panama City6 Mar 20248 Mar 2024Direct2358 kmTickets from 490
Medellin27 Feb 20241 Mar 20241 Stop2031 kmTickets from 496
Havana31 Mar 20242 Apr 20241 Stop3936 kmTickets from 531
Cancun12 Mar 202415 Mar 20241 Stop3827 kmTickets from 547
Mexico City26 Mar 20241 Apr 2024Direct4244 kmTickets from 613
Easter Island26 Feb 202429 Feb 20241 Stop3756 kmTickets from 1 170
Barcelona26 Mar 202427 Mar 20241 Stop10004 kmTickets from 1 285
Munich28 Mar 202430 Mar 20241 Stop10921 kmTickets from 1 642


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