The Hidden City Ticketing Tactic

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Hidden City Tactics

The Hidden City Ticketing Tactic

Hidden City Ticketing

What is hidden city ticketing? The hidden-city pricing loophole or also called “skip lagging” generally exists where an airline doesn’t offer a direct service between two cities, but is trying to compete with an airline that does.

Hidden-city ticketing takes advantage of a pricing loophole where airlines offer cheaper tickets in different markets. The loophole exists because airlines often price connecting flights cheaper than non-stop flights. This is done to better compete in different markets with airlines offering direct flights.

Hidden city ticketing or skip lagging is known for promoting cheap fares that use hidden city ticketing, it has popularised the tactic. And while its strongly opposed by the airlines, the question of ethics has made it hotly contested by the traveler. Flight where you get off all the layover rather than the final destination as it is variant of commercial aviation to lower the pricing of flying.

For example, Emirates does not fly direct from Zurich to Muscat (Oman). Emirates might be charging €600 for a flight from Zurich to Dubai, while simultaneously charging only €400 for a journey from Zurich to Muscat via Dubai. This is done to compete with Oman Air non-stop Zurich – Muscat service. In this example, a Emirates passenger flying from Zurich to Dubai could save €200 by booking a ticket to Muscat, but failing to board the second leg from Dubai to Muscat.

Why hidden city ticketing is so important?

The only reason to take a hidden city flight as its cheaper than the airline prices for the casual traveler. Flight fares are subject to market forces and therefore do not necessarily correlate to the distance flow by the aviation. As a result, a flight between London to Chicago might be $250 but the similar flight between London to Milwaukee with the stoppage of Chicago will cost you $130 if you are going to Chicago will cost you less than a flight to London to Chicago.

There are two expectation:

1) When you have a long layover you may be able to have your bag short checked, which means it will be only checked to your layover point, not the final destination policies can vary widely so you can check with your airlines on the rules for your specific flight.

2 )When you are set foot in some certain countries from abroad , you need to collect your luggage and go through customs at your first point of entry; just don’t recheck them after clearing your custom.

Forget Checking Luggage

You can either pay a huge fee to ship your bag to your destination or say goodbye to your belongings. For starters flying on a hidden city itinerary requires being extra careful about your luggage. Skip lagged tells customers not to check bags, but that could even pose an issue if there is not enough space on the aircraft . While some airlines can gate -check bags or other might check it to the final destination if there not enough room. So to reduce the risk that your luggage is checked at the gate double check your luggage is it in the size and weight limits for a carry on which you can place or fit under your seat is ideal. This is also a time when you may want to pay for early boarding to ensure you get first crack at the overhead bins. Finally, don’t tell anyone you are intentionally doing it, many people also avoid associating their loyalty number with the reservation.

Legal Issues with Hidden City Ticketing.

Yes yes, it is legal but some airlines are strongly opposed to book gambit for financial reason and for public safety concern but these are usually not explained. Many airlines have established means of identifying and penalized traveler who take such advantage of these tactics. Probable, Skip lagged was sued by United Airlines and Orbitz filed a Federal lawsuit against skip lagged because it violates their contract as violating the contract is generally a civil, not a criminal matter but, if you use hidden city ticketing regularly you may find yourself in legal trouble. In addition to revoking elite status and invalidating frequent flyer miles an airline has every right to refuse to give you further services and some airlines will kick you out of their airlines and may respond to it whatever revenge they see fit.

Traveler who book tickets with the intention of skipping the final leg should also be aware that this only work for the one-way fares. If you fail to show for a flight the airlines might cancel your any other succeeding flights.


Is hidden city ticketing illegal?
Hidden-city ticketing isn’t illegal. Both United Airlines and Orbitz filed a federal lawsuit against Skiplagged founder Aktarer Zaman — and lost due to what CNN Money called a “technicality.”

How do I get hidden city ticketing?
Hidden-city ticketing, is when an itinerary is booked in which the final destination is never reached. This is because the itinerary to a city where the traveler has no plans of going is less expensive than an itinerary stopping at the city where the traveler is bound.
Example:  Flight from A to B is more expensive than flights from A to C via B.

Why Do Airlines Hate hidden city ticketing?
So, hidden-city ticketing lowers the yield they receive from each seat and complicates what is already a small-margin business. But, most airlines overbook because they know some won’t show up so it is unlikely the seat will fly empty.

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